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Having an active and interactive website for your business is an excellent way to expand your business, enabling it to reach far and wide, engage your customers, and have an extensive network base. Of all methods available, the best way is to build one from scratch, promote it and develop your audience, in this strategy, the latter is often more comfortable than the former because of the many mistakes people make when building a website for their business or brand. Let us treat some of these mistakes in website building together.

Too Many Distractions Can Cause Your Website Visitors To Click Of The Page

There are some websites you will visit and have to struggle to close them from suspicion of malware. The sites will be packed with so many recurring popups, videos, animations, etc. that you have to click the “close” icon even while scrolling continuously. You have to consider this experience as a factor in your website marketing strategy and make your web pages as neat as possible because the first impression matters a lot for a first-time visitor.

Poor organization Can Cause Confusion For Your Website Visitors

Some websites have their options scattered on their web pages, and it shows unprofessionalism on the part of the business or brand. It would help if you remembered; your website is the first outlook of your business for many people all over the world, and so it tells a lot about your business even without making any physical contact. To fix this, employ the use of dropdowns to sort related options and links to groups or categories.

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Make Sure All The Elements In Your Website Design Have Good Contrast

Could you imagine the controversy that would arise if you came across a Coca-Cola website designed in Pepsi’s brand colors? Well, now, you have an idea. Your website’s design and aesthetics must define and promote your brand. Starting from your background color or pattern, your slides and widgets, icons and text, etc. They should all be arranged professionally to support your brand and, at the same time, tell visitors and potential customers you are ready for business.

Having Short Biography Content About Yourself & Your Business

If you click the “about us” of some websites, you will hardly make a paragraph of the content there, some even leave it blank, and it is a huge mistake. The biography page is the opportunity you have to showcase your brand to the world for those who want to know more about you without asking, and often, it’s the serious customers that do. You have to include a lot of relevant content on your biography page.
Putting fewer efforts on content creation
People will always choose contact before aesthetics, so before you go all Leonardo DaVinci on your website, ensure you have enough compelling content to back it up.

Inefficient Calls To Action That Don’t Influence People To Take Action

Another mistake people make is not to include captivating calls to action or platforms for transactions. It isn’t very reassuring to visit a website that sells products and services and does not have a page to complete your order and make a payment on the site. The CTAs of such sites usually end in calling a number or sending a mail. Show the world you mean business by integrating payment platform for your products and services on the website, also update the availability of each regularly to avoid canceling orders.


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If you avoid these mistakes with your website you can make it easier for visitors to navigate your website, thus influencing them to take action on your website, whether it be having your visitors make a phone call or email you for your services. Having a website that’s fully optimized will make it easier for you to generate new leads for your business. If you feel you’re not getting the best results with your website contact me today and I will take the time to assess your website for free. As Your website design & SEO consultant we can work together to help optimize your web design, SEO, and digital marketing, so your website can be more effective for your business.

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