Everybody using the internet today has at one point or the other heard about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most especially website owners who are looking to drive organic visitors to their website, they know the vital role played by SEO in helping to put their websites right where the audience is looking.


It is because of this invaluable role played by SEO that the scramble for getting it right is high. Still, sadly, most websites and website owners are not getting it as they tend not to have a strategy or their strategy is very much ineffective.

In this article, I would be guiding you on how you can easily create an effective SEO strategy that will put your website where it can gain more visibility.


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Keywords Are Everything

Everything begins with a search on either “Google” or any other search engine website. Users input a string of words about what they are looking for, and those web search engines provide results that match their input. Those inputs are called “Keyword,” and they are at the heart of everything SEO is.

Without having blog posts that match what the users are searching for, your website’s probability of getting known becomes slimmer. The search engines would automatically relegate your website and bring forward web pages that match the user’s search. Read my current article to learn for about keyword research strategies.

Developing Quality Content Is Just As Important

It is not enough for you to have keywords that users are searching for on your website; you also must have a quality content to match.

One mistake people tend to make when optimizing their websites is that some of the pages they are looking to optimize do not carry quality content that can hold visitors’ attention. This means that the website might have succeeded in gaming the search engine, but you can’t fool the user.

When a user visits your websites and discovers that your web page does not carry the information he needs, he would leave almost immediately. This automatically increases the level of bounce rate on your website, which, in the long run, would harm your website ranking.

I know you are wondering what adverse effect it would have; I will tell you: when visitors bounce off your site every now and then, it tells the search engine system that your website does not have what the user is looking for and using that stored knowledge, it automatically would begin to place your website lower in ranking when compared to other websites that users stay longer on.



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Make Sure Your Be Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Most, if not all, of your visitors, would be visiting your website via a mobile device. According to a study, most search engine searches take place on a mobile device meaning a vast majority of your potential audience would seek to access your website via their mobile phones.

Suppose your website loads slowly or has other deficiencies that make it difficult for mobile phones to access the page. In that case, you are significantly affecting your chances of being viewed by your audience.

Google also recently announced that it would primarily be using the mobile version of websites to crawl the website. Which, let’s face it, would greatly reduce your website desktop version’s chances of being crawled.

If your website is not crawled, it means attention would not be drawn to your website, and your website would be on the lowest rung of the search engine ladder.

Thus, you would need your website and its web pages to be mobile-friendly i.e.; your pages should be able to load faster on mobile devices. It should be aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to navigate via a mobile phone.


These are some simple SEO strategies you can follow  when creating an effective SEO strategy. Creating content with keywords is important if you want to get organic traffic to your website. Developing valuable content that will get the captivate your visitors is important if you want them to share your content and grow your following. Finally, having a mobile website is important when it come to your rankings online. Google tends to rank websites that load fast and are responsive for mobile phones.  Be sure to that your website is mobile friendly, use Google Search Console and other tools that will keep track of any mobile issues your website might be having. If you want to learn how to build an SEO strategy for your business to blog, my SEO coaching can help you.

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