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In today’s world, your website is the gateway for people to get to know you, your brand, and what you do better. You don’t want to pass on too much information that would bore your visitors, nor would you want to let out too little, which could leave your visitors in a fix on whether to trust you or not.

The truth is, designing your website should be a straightforward process of you letting visitors on your website into your world. You are letting them know enough about you and your brand and every other necessary information they may need.

There are no set rules on what a great website should look like; it could be minimalistic or colorful or even sleek and modern. However, the basic rule is that no matter how simple your website is, it should be effective and compelling.
In this write-up, we have compiled a list of strategies that can help you better design a website:

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Make Sure Your Website Design Is Mobile-Friendly

Designing a better website is for your website to be mobile-friendly. In today’s world, most, if not all, of your visitors would be visiting your website through a mobile phone. This means that a vast majority of your visitors would be expecting to view your website with minimal fuzz on their various mobile devices.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you would be losing views and potential customers who would not be patient for your website to load, nor would they want to keep searching for information that should be readily available to them.

Always know that your website’s mobile version must be clutter-free, cleaner, and very pleasing to the eye as that would help you rapidly reduce the bounce rate on your website.

Ensure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate For Your Visitors

Another important strategy to put in mind would be to have your website very to navigate. Many people love the idea of breaking the norm and wanting to do things differently, but in reality, it is not always so easy to implement, especially when it comes to web design.

Your visitors would not want to go through the stress of looking for information that should be readily available to them. That is why you have to ensure that the website contains what your audience is looking for. Buttons like the social media share and follow button and other features like having your homepage linked to your logo or your website having a “back to the top button” or a drop-down menu bar would easily ease whatever stress your visitors could go through.

The availability of all of these and other buttons would ensure that your website is easily navigated. So, keep that in mind when setting up your website.

Use White Space Creatively

One essential thing that you must implement to improve readability and also help you beautify and break up the page is white space. White space on a website is areas around the elements (images, typography, icons) on a website page. White space is used to balance the elements on the page to make it more beautiful and ensure the readability of whatever is on the page.
If you overuse white spaces, your website would come out as scanty and few, but if you use it properly, it will create a natural flow that allows your visitors to easily navigate your website.

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Always Have A Visual Hierarchy In Mind

Whenever you design your website, always have in mind the visual hierarchy of what you are designing. A visual hierarchy will help guide your website visitors to the important information and elements you might have placed on each web page. By using the hierarchy, your visitors’ attention is easily drawn to those things you have prioritized.
You can either place those significant elements with a bold title which can easily grab the attention or place the elements right where their eyes would be. By doing any of the above, you tell your visitor that this is important, and I want you to look at this or that.

Use Color Wisely In Your Web Design

Color on your website usually tells the visitor what your brand stands for. Color, most times, elicits a wide variety of emotions from people, which explains why everyone has a favorite color that is personal to them.
When you design your website, you don’t just have to choose a color that tells your brand story; you also have to use them well, either by using contrasting colors or any other method that would be very aesthetically pleasing.
You will want to avoid the pitfalls of having your website boring and monotonous, and you would also want to avoid your website being pushy and loud. You would need to find an equilibrium with your use of color so that your website can come off as being sleek and modern.


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